You are NOT automatically a Canadian citizen if ...

  1. married to Canadian citizen
  2. adopted by a Canadian citizeb
  3. refugee claim is accepted
  4. have lived in Canada as a permanent resident for many years
  5. born outside Canada to   Canadian   parent(s)  on  or  after April  17, 2009, but  neither  parent  was born  or naturalized  in Canada (2nd generation born abroad)

Physical presence

You must be physically present in Canada for 3 out of the last 5 years with no minimum number of days per year before applying for citizenship.

Days spent in Canada before becoming a Permanent Resident within 5 years of applying for Citizenship count as % days up to maximum of 1 year (366 Days)


Physical residency in Canada

Physically present in Canada as a permanent resident for at least 1,095 days (3 years) during  the  five  years  immediately before the date of your application.

Exceptions to these requirements apply  for   certain Crown servants and certain family members of Crown servants.


·      Being born in Canada (principle of jus soli)

·      Exception: No citizenship if born to diplomats

·      Being born outside Canada to a Canadian citizen (principle of jus sanguinis) Limited to first generation

·       Becoming naturalized: apply for a grant of citizenship through IRCC

·      Citizenship through adoption

Children adopted outside Canada


Children born outside Canada who are adopted by Canadian parents have two routes to citizenship.


Route #1: Citizenship by grant through direct route.


• The first-generation limit to citizenship for adopted persons



Route #2: Regular citizenship grant (Permanent    residency and naturalization)

  Citizenship Act, s 5

 Must apply for a grant of citizenship:


1.     Be admitted to Canada as a permanent resident


2.     Meet the residency requirements


3.     Not be under a removal order or declared to be a threat  to security or a member  of an organized  crime group


4.     Show an adequate knowledge of English or French or Pass citizenship Test.

       5.     Take citizenship Oath.


    Must live legally in Canada (physical presence) as a resident for at least 3 years (1,095 days) in a five-year period before applying



1.     Time spent in Canada as a non-permanent (Temporary) resident will count toward meeting citizenship residency requirements




2.     ·Applicants do not need to declare their intention reside in Canada before citizenship is granted



Person under   a probation order/ a paroled   inmate   or an inmate serving a sentence in a penitentiary/ jail reformatory/ or prison


Person under a removal order


Person who is a declared threat to security or a member of an organized crime group.


Person who withholds material circumstances relating to a relevant matter which induces or could induce an error in the administration of the citizenship ACT.


Person who was previously denied a grant of citizenship or taking the oath of citizenship within the last five years because of misrepresentation.


Person who ceased to be a citizen (revocation)  within the  ten years immediately before application.

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