Canadian Experience Class(CEC)

Canadian Experience Class(CEC)


The Canadian Experience Class (CEC) became effective     September 17, 2008.

This is a prescribed class of persons who may become permanent residents on the basis of their Canadian experience.

They must intend to reside in a province or territory other than Quebec and must have maintained temporary resident status during their qualifying period of work experience as well as during any period of full-time study or training in Canada.

Two Streams Available

•Temporary Foreign Worker Stream

•Post-Graduation Stream

Temporary Foreign Worker Stream

• Must have 2 years of full-time equivalent work experience at the National Occupation Code (NOC) O, A or B level (managerial, professional or skilled and technical) acquired in Canada within the three years preceding the date application is made

National Occupation Classification (NOC)
The NOC is a classification system for jobs in the Canadian economy. It describes duties, skills, talents and work settings for occupations

Post-Graduation Stream

•Completed a required program of study in Canada and obtained a Canadian education credential (i.e. degree, diploma or certificate) •Been enrolled full-time in the program of study or training for 2 yrs •Acquired one full-time equivalent, work experience at the NOC O, A or B level in Canada, within the 2 yrs preceding the date the application is made

How Applications are Assessed

•Status  •English or French language proficiency •Work experience for Temporary Foreign Worker Stream or Post-Graduation Stream •Education requirement, for Post-Graduation Stream only


*   Must have had temporary resident status during the period of work which qualifies for CEC, as well as during any period of full-time studies or training

Language Assessment

•Provide evidence that their proficiency in English or French has been assessed by a designated language testing agency for their abilities to speak, listen, read and write; or •Must submit evidence of their proficiency in English or French

Language Test Results (IELTS)

•For applicants with work experience in NOC skill level O or A: must meet Benchmark (IELTS equivalent) skill level 7 or higher in all levels • •For applicants with work experience in NOC skill level B: must meet Benchmark (IELTS equivalent) skill level 5 or higher in all levels

­One type of evidence: ­

Language Testing üIELTS International English Language Testing System üTEF – Test d’Evaluation de Francais ü •

•Written narrative explaining any language training and how English or French is used in day to day life; •Certificates or transcripts to prove training; •Letters from employers or instructors supporting  language ability; •Any documentary evidence that will help in the assessment of English or French proficiency.

Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

Canadian Experience Class (CEC)


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